10 Oberlo Tips You Need to Know as a Dropshipper

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Ever wanted to learn how to remove logos from your pictures? Or how to separate all the product variants into their own product pages? In this article, we share a growing list of Oberlo hacks to help you run your store more effectively. These Oberlo tips include some of the most common issues store owners like you have asked about when just starting out. And so if you want to learn about some of the most underrated Oberlo features, this is the article for you.

So let’s get started!

10 Oberlo Tips You Need to Know as a Dropshipper

1. Remove logos – Oberlo Tips

Having a logo on the top corner of your picture can reduce the professionalism of your product photo. Plus, it can lower conversions if people decide to look up the brand first before making their purchase. As a result, you’ll likely want to remove the logo from your picture, especially if it’s on a white background. Fortunately, you can do this on Shopify’s backend!

To access the Creative Cloud tools for free, you first need to make sure you’ve Pushed the products from your Oberlo backend to your website. This will make the pictures appear under Shopify’s product section. Here’s how to master this Oberlo tip:

  1. Products > All Products
  2. Go to an individual product page
  3. Scroll down to the images
  4. Hover over an image with a logo on it
  5. Click the pencil tooloberlo tips
  6. Click Draw
  7. Then, click Eraser, and choose the eraser size
  8. Next, choose the color in the Color Picker
  9. Erase the logo from the imageoberlo tips
  10. Click Save

Keep in mind that this works well for photos with white backgrounds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use an eraser of a different color if the logo is on a colored background. If the logo is on a solid colored background, you can use the ColorPick Eyedropper chrome extension for free to find out what the exact color is and try to match that color for your eraser to remove it without affecting the look of the picture.

2. Split variants into their own products – Oberlo Tips

Have you ever imported a product into your store that had several different styles that all look completely different? Did you wish you could just separate them into their own product pages to so that more people could see all the styles? This tends to happen a lot in niches like electronics, fashion, beauty and more.

Fortunately, there’s one really simple way to do this.

  1. Go to the Oberlo App
  2. Click on Import List
  3. On the product you want to split, click Action > Split Productoberlo tips
  4. All products become separated on their own product pages

oberlo tips

Keep in mind that you’ll now have more products to write unique descriptions for (to avoid a duplicate content penalization from Google). However, it increases the likelihood that you’ll be found organically for long-tail keywords since you’ve divided the products accordingly. It also helps make navigation easier while allowing your customers to find products that would’ve otherwise been hidden.

3. Take advantage of the Oberlo Chrome Extension – Oberlo Tips

Install the free Oberlo Chrome extension to automatically import any product from AliExpress. As long as you’re logged in, you could import any product while browsing AliExpress in only one click. All you need to do is hover over the product, and click the blue Oberlo icon.

oberlo chrome extension

Using this chrome extension allows you to easily sort through product collections on AliExpress and find the best selling products within your niche. A little trick I like to do is search my main niche or product category. For example, ‘women’s blouses.’ Then, under Sort by click ‘Order Volume’ then import the top products within that page as those are the most popular products bought on AliExpress giving you a better chance of selling those items since they’re proven winners.

4. Set Up Tracking Information in Backend – Oberlo Tips

Do you constantly get bombarded with questions about when products will be arriving? There’s a tool you can set up to give your customers the order shipment and tracking information they need.

An important note to mention that many new Oberlo store owners forget to fulfill orders in Oberlo’s back end. Remember: fulfilling an order on Shopify doesn’t fulfill it in Oberlo. You need to log-into the Oberlo app to process the order, otherwise our systems won’t detect it.

You can set up the tracking information and order shipment details so that they get delivered to customers automatically to reduce the number of emails you send out regarding this.

  1. Go to the Oberlo app
  2. Settings > Connected Shops > Shop Settings >General Tab scroll down
  3. Under custom shipping tracking URL add this link: https://t.17track.net/en?nums=
  4. Then, make sure there’s a check mark under ‘Notify customers about order fulfillment’Oberlo Tips
  5. Click Save Settings
  6. Then, you need to change the default email notification template
  7. First go to the Shopify admin > Settings > Notifications > Shipping confirmation
  8. Replace all the code in the Email Body (HTML) box with the code HERE
  9. View the Preview
  10. If a customer wants to receive the email again, hit the ‘Resend Email’ button on the Shopify > Orders > customer’s order page
  11. If a customer wants the tracking information prior to when you set it up, you need to go to the Oberlo app > Orders and click on the envelope button for their specific order

5. How to Stop Suppliers from Sending Invoices and Marketing Flyers – Oberlo Tips

A supplier isn’t going to know you’re dropshipping unless you tell them. After receiving an order, they’ll likely assume it’s a new customer. So naturally, they might send invoices or marketing materials to them. But there is a way to stop them from doing so.

A custom note can be sent to every supplier to help prevent invoices and other marketing materials from being sent to the customer.

  1. Go to the Oberlo app
  2. Click Settings > Suppliers > Custom Note
  3. In the box, you can add text that reads, “Hi there, we are dropshipping this product. Please do not add any invoices, promotional material or any branded logos in this package. Please ship this package promptly to ensure continued business. Thank you! (your name)”

Oberlo Tips

6. How to Choose ePacket as Your Preferred Shipping Method – Oberlo Tips

Do you want your AliExpress or Oberlo Supply products to be shipped to customers in the cheapest and fastest way possible? ePacket shipping tends to be the most popular among dropshippers as your products can be delivered in as little as a week. The average shipping cost tends to be under $5 keeping your costs low while delivering within a time frame that’s more acceptable for the average consumer.  

  1. Go to Settings in the Oberlo App
  2. Click on Suppliers
  3. Under Default Shipping Method select ePacket

Oberlo Tips

7. The perks of Oberlo Supply – Oberlo Tips

Oberlo Supply is Oberlo’s very own curated collection of products with some of the best hand-picked suppliers. There are a few Oberlo Supply benefits:

  • On the main Oberlo Supply page, the products listed are the most recently updated trending products to sell online. While we regularly pump out articles for the best products to sell, if you want something super accurate for that exact date, that’s where you’ll find the most popular and profitable products.Oberlo Supply
  • Did you know that with Oberlo Supply you can completely automate order processing by clicking the Order All button. All you need to do is press one button to start order processing. This is great for stores with higher sales volume who want more freedom from a smaller workload.
  • The average Oberlo Supply supplier ships within 2-4 days which is faster than AliExpress’ 2-7 days. If you’re looking to have products shipped to customers faster, you can change the supplier easily using the Oberlo app.
  • Want to find suppliers who aren’t based in China? Oberlo Supply also has merchants based in Europe and the United States.  You can look up the supplier’s country on the Oberlo Supply product search page under ‘Warehouse location.’Oberlo Tips
  • Note: sometimes when you push multiple Oberlo Supply products at once they don’t show up right away. They always do end up appearing on your website after a short while though.

8. What’s the best payment gateways for your specific country? – Oberlo Tips

Every country has its own set of payment gateways that work best for them. In the United States, PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways, but PayPal isn’t available in every country. Fortunately, Shopify has created a list of popular payment gateways available for each country that can help you find the best one for your store.

9. How to Sell Oberlo Products on Non Shopify Websites – Oberlo Tips

Do you have a WordPress blog or an online store on another platform? Do you wish you could sell Oberlo products on it? Luckily, Oberlo products can be sold on non Shopify websites simply by adding the Shopify Buy Button to those sites.

Buy Button

The Buy Button works on WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, your own website or wherever you’ve built an audience. By adding the Buy Button to a non-Shopify platform, you’ll benefit from having product pages, an embedded cart, and a secure checkout. You’ll need to keep track of orders on your Shopify dashboard. All you need to do is add the Buy Button as a sales channel on your store to use this handy feature.

10. How to Change Suppliers for the Same Product – Oberlo Tips

Did you come across a supplier who didn’t meet your expectations? There are several suppliers selling the same products on AliExpress. If you’d like to change your supplier without changing your product page, you can easily do that on Oberlo.

  1. Go to your Oberlo app
  2. Click on My Products
  3. Go to the specific product
  4. Click Action
  5. Click Override this ProductOberlo Tips
  6. Under Override With, add the link for the product you want as a replacement
  7. Click Override

Oberlo Tips

Did any of these Oberlo tips help make life as a dropshipper easier? Let us know which of these tips is your favorite!

  • Rich Crivaro

    If I want the product to come to me first ..Lets say I sell an Item on another site other than Shopify or e bay how can I purchase this product then have it sent to me first ..

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    My dad’s name is Martin Ferreira, and I have a cousin named Nicole Ferreira.. Weird haha. Thanks for the tips!

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    I dont see where you can enter warehouse location on product search page. Please advise

  • these tips sure were useful! especially the ones with the notes and tracking urls

  • Monica Hartwig Becker

    Hi Nicole, OH my thanks, I’ve been coping the pic and doing the logo removal on my lap top. lol So this is great info! Anyway I have another question would it be wrong to also remove the brand in the description area? I feel like the customer would want to know that. But maybe I should erase it there too. Also what should I choose when social sites ask what kind of store you are? For example my Facebook page says ecommerce, I dont like it because I think people steer away from noticable ecommerce stores.

  • Nicole

    Haha! That’s my birth name. My boyfriend’s last name is Ferreira too and we’re definitely not related. Guess we have a super common name. apparently it’s the Portuguese Smith since it means blacksmith. Awesome to know there’s another Portuguese store owner! Reach out if you ever have questions.

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    Super awesome that you already started implementing ideas! Hope your 2018 brings you so much success!

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  • Nicole

    You can view the warehouse location on the listings page but there isn’t a search functionality for it

  • Jonathan Alli

    Of course I did. I like the Oberlo Chrome extension really well, the override is perfect, ePacket is col and Oberlo supply is great.

  • Marcia McGuire

    Great tips! I changed the html code as you said in number 4 “Set Up Tracking Information in Backend ” in Oberlo but in Shopify when I preview, it doesn’t click Visit Store, just an empty screen. Just wondering if it’s a glinch for just me.

  • Monica Hartwig Becker

    Thanks, that means I have some work to do – deleting descriptions on my product fields. Need sales though – don’t know how long I can float this venture.

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