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Why Sell Hats Online?

The hat and cap industry is estimated to be worth $3 billion. The product and niche variety allows entrepreneurs to take their hat store to new heights. If you sell baseball caps, you can eventually expand into baseball or sports products. If you sell fedoras or top hats, you can eventually expand into the wedding niche selling cufflinks or men’s suits. If you sell winter toques, you can expand into winter accessories or winter sports products. If you sell boutique women’s hats, you can eventually expand into women’s fashion and accessories. Thus, starting a hat store can lead you in a range of broader niches allowing you to grow even further.

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Why Dropship Hats Online?

When you wholesale hats, it’s important to keep in mind that most are considered seasonal products. In general, seasonal products work best for dropshipping businesses. For example, if you sell toques, you’ll need to continue holding the inventory until the next winter season if you wholesale hats. However, if you dropship, you can easily remove the toques from your website and add your spring or summer hats without needing to buy inventory. Also, since there are many complementary products for hat stores, it’s easier to test the market for accessories with the dropshipping model.

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Who Are the Main Distributors of Hats?

Suppliers at Oberlo have a huge selection of hats to choose from. These hats come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The most popular hats available are the winter hats. The winter hats include beanies, knitted hats, wool hats, faux fur hats and so on. Apart from winter hats, there are also summer beach hats, caps, hats for Halloween, or other fashion hats. With the wide variety of hats available, you could focus on hats alone, or have them on your store together with other accessories like scarves and gloves or apparel items.

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Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Hats?

The main manufacturers of hats are located in China. Other than China, manufacturers are also based in Turkey and Pakistan. Hats can be worn for various different reasons, which includes protection against the weather conditions, religious reasons, safety hats, as a fashion accessory, or even for university graduation. Based on the purpose of the hat, it is often shaped differently and is made using different materials. Some of the materials commonly used by manufacturers in the production of hats include faux fur, cotton, wool, polyester, leather, and so on.

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Can I Use Oberlo to Dropship Hats?

Yes. Oberlo is a marketplace that enables you to find awesome products to sell online.

What’s more, Oberlo automatically selects the cheapest shipping method for you. Since some suppliers offer several shipping methods, you can click on the shipping option and choose your preferred one.

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How does Oberlo work?

Oberlo is a marketplace that makes it easy to find awesome products to sell online.

1. Import Products

Browse Oberlo for products and add them to your store with just a few clicks.

2. Make a Sale

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3. Place an Order

Place an order with the supplier for the product you just sold.

4. Supplier Ships the Product

Your supplier will ship the product directly from their warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.

Since the company’s founding in September, 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold over 85 million products around the world.

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