Fashion and electronics currently rank among the top online shopping categories for 2023. But not all shoppers are made equal, and online shopping preferences differ according to demographics. 

For instance, clothing and shoes and entertainment products are the most popular items women purchase online. But what about men? What do men buy online?

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What do men buy online the most: top three categories

Recent statistics on men’s online shopping habits show that products in the electronics category top the list of items they acquire the most over the internet. As many as 42% of male shoppers worldwide say they shop online for products in this category.

This is one key statistic to keep in mind if you’re thinking about starting an ecommerce business in this niche. If you’re an existing ecommerce store owner whose business targets male shoppers, you might want to consider expanding into electronic products to boost sales. Coupled with the fact that the consumer electronics industry’s revenues are set to hit $723.6 billion this year, it seems like a lucrative opportunity. 

The second-biggest online shopping category for men is entertainment. Just over two in five male shoppers (41%) say they purchase entertainment products online. 

This is followed by clothing and shoes, at 32%. Incidentally, recent apparel industry statistics show that the global apparel market size is forecast to hit $1.74 trillion in 2023, a 13.7% annual increase.

What do men buy online the most: leisure, pharmaceuticals, and automobile parts

Products related to leisure, sport, and hobby are also commonly bought online by men—30% of them say they purchase these items over the internet.

Pharmaceutical products and automobile parts and accessories rank next. Just over one in four male shoppers (26%) buy these items online. In comparison, just 18% of women buy automobile parts online, making it the least popular online shopping category among female shoppers.

What do men buy online the most: other top categories

Other top categories of products men acquire online include those related to beauty and home and garden. 24% of men say they buy beauty products online, while 23% buy home and garden items online.

Jewelry and accessories and groceries follow, with 22% each. Children’s products are also shopped for by men online, with around one in five (21%) of them doing so.

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